Fr 6.5.16

Thinking Like A Forest

ACUD STUDIO 19h → Talk & Screening

The short film program and talk THINKING LIKE A FOREST accompanies the exhibition “Guided by the Stars of the Southern Hemisphere” by Elsa Salonen. Short films by Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan, Salomé Lamas in collaboration with Christoph Both-Asmus, Martin Lampprecht, Eakalak Maleetipawan, Lauren Reid, Toby Tatum
Curated by Lauren Reid with Elsa Salonen. Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Finnish Cultural Foundation.
19H00 Doors open
19H30 Film screening
21H30 Discussion w/ artists Elsa Salonen, Christoph Both-Asmus & Toby Tatum, curator Lauren Reid and Johannes Braun from ACUD
Drawing together short films by artists, interspersed with perspectives from researchers, “Thinking like a forest” imagines the forest as a psychic space with its own will, desires and dreams. The program follows in the footsteps of Aldo Leopold’s call to ‘think like a mountain’, or appreciate the profound interconnectedness of all the elements in ecosystems (including ourselves). “Thinking like a forest” explores what happens when the human mind merges with the forest mind and in turn how our visions of nature reflect cultural beliefs and our own personal identities.
All films will be screened in English or with English subtitles
Eakalak Maleetipawan - “A Moment in a Rainforest”
2010 - 14:10mins
A soldier enters the rainforest where he encounters a tiger ghost and his past self unfolds.
Lauren Reid - “Magnetic Realm”
2016 - 15:00mins
Magnetic Realm” is a video essay that pays homage to the forests of Thailand as shown in art and film.
Toby Tatum - “The Subterraneans”
2011 - 4:37mins
Drawn to the idea that the landscape has a consciousness of its own and that certain atmospheres seem to collect in certain places, “The Subterraneans” provides views to shadowy recesses that offer access to the underworld.
Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan - “Off the Trail”
2015 - 9:44mins
Filmed in former US military barracks, and in the long-abandoned homes and circular library of Gary Snyder and Zen philosopher Alan Watts, “Off the Trail” follows a soldier from another era as he performs a series of actions and rituals, wandering dreamlike through a rolling Californian landscape of fog-shrouded hills, coastal defences and dense woodland valleys.
Salomé Lamas in collaboration with Christoph Both-Asmus - “A TORRE (THE TOWER)”
(Based on the original idea of THE TREE WALKER)
2015 - 8:00 mins
Maybe Kolja’s experiment of merging his body (human) with the tree (nature) venturing into a border zone between the earth and the sky is due to his purity of spirit, to the grandeur of the idiots, or the foolishness of the mystics; or is it all this together? Maybe it is a symptom of the enlightened – or simply an elaborated suicide.
Martin Lampprecht - “Je n'ai jamais quitté la forêt”
2013 - 25:24 mins
A film essay between documentary and fiction about the psychogeography of the woods and the impact a landscape has on the people who grow up there.
Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Finnish Cultural Foundation
Doors: 19H
Admission: FREE