Fr 15.4.16

Bomaye! Presents: Mbithi Of Just A Band

ACUD CLUB 21h → Club Night & Talk

Rural to urban, drums to data. In the energetic megacities between the Sahara and the Cape of Good Hope, battalions of Afro Rhythm Computers are hammering out new beats. BOMAYE! in Berlin’s ACUD club brings you these beats of contemporary, hip, urban Africa. Bass music, programmed rhythms, African electronic club music, from Mali to Kenya, from Nigeria to South Africa, from Kuduro and Coupé-Décalé to Balani Show, Bacardi House or Gqom. Traditions get carried on – in digital forms. It’s still the motherland, but forget about your clichés.
BOMAYE! is programmed by Daniel Haaksman and Florian Sievers, the first night is supported by Goethe-Institut Nairobi.
21H: Panel Discussion/Book Presentation w/ MBITHI
22H: Party

Nairobi’s JUST A BAND are up there with the biggest pop stars of Kenya – in spite of, or maybe because of their being an exception, a special case in the East African country. Drawing on traditions as diverse as Japanese anime and African mythology, Just A Band is a geek collective which follows a strict DIY ethic. They have been called “Kenya’s first internet sensation”, and over the internet the band members suck in global music trends from pop to avantgarde, which they have transformed into three albums between Deep House, Electronica and Soul up to now.
Together with Blinky Bill and Dan Muli, musician, movie director and DJ Mbithi Masya is the third member of Just A Band. He is currently spending time in Berlin to put the finishing touches to his forthcoming feature film. But he has a whole lot more in his luggage straight from Nairobi: On Friday, April 15, Mbithi presents the Just A Band art and design monograph, Just A Book, just released by Kenya’s leading art publishers, Contact Zones NRB.
In a panel discussion/book presentation from 9pm, hosted by BOMAYE!’s Florian Sievers, Mbithi discusses the phenomenon of Just A Band, his forthcoming movie, Nairobi’s club music scenes, and the latest changes and developments in Kenyan society. Afterwards Mbithi and Florian take turns DJing electronic club music from African countries for what will be the initiation ceremony of the BOMAYE! parties in Berlin. Twende Hepi! (Sheng: Let’s dance!) // Website


presented by acud macht neu & bomaye!
Doors: 21H
Admission: 7€