Fr 26.2.16

Club Of The Month 07

ACUD CLUB 22h → Club Night

Who is your online BFF? Who is there for you 24/7? Do you sometimes sit, tuned in to BCR, wondering ‘how did Life 2016 get to be so good? All these amazing radio shows out here on the net - talk, music, art, life, technology, feelings - and all I need to do is press play?!’
Have you ever thought ‘I wish I could let them know that I too, care about them’ ? Well now you have that chance!
Last year we ran a more than successful fundraiser to secure enough money to pay for a lot of the costs of running the station, which enabled us to do an even better job at bringing you amazing content on a daily basis, come up with fun projects that you the listeners could take part in, host amazing guests and take care of our regular contributors.
We are an independent radio station. We do all this at no cost to you the listener and it’ll always be that way but unfortunately, rent, electricity, licensing fees and equipment don’t operate the same way! So we’re asking for your help again, the best way we know, by throwing a sick party!!
This time we want to do this with you at home here in Berlin, in real life as well as offer the first ever opportunity to attend the party online for those of you who love BCR from afar!
We ask you to come and bring all your friends and dance and have the best of times at the nicest funnest of parties in Berlin - ** @ CLUB OF THE MONTH @ ** and please don’t ask for guestlist !
IRL PARTY: 2 floors, 13 DJs, 1 live act, a Funktion One Sound System, best drinks in town - with minimum donation 10euro
ONLINE PARTY : High Quality Stream, Live Chat Room Resident, Live Snapchat Coverage, Special One Off Party Website with minimum donation 5 euro
LAUREL HALO (DJ) // Soundcloud

ERRORSMITH // Soundcloud

ORSON // Soundcloud

HOPS // Soundcloud

MAX BOSS // Soundcloud

DREEA // Soundcloud

BAHAMASUEDE (live) // Mixcloud

DIS FIG // Soundcloud

ABU ASHLEY // Soundcloud



PHILIP FM // Mixcloud


SARAH MILES // Soundcloud

Friday, 26.2.2016
Doors: 23H
Admission: 10€
Facebook Event


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Fr 14.4 → Club Night
Fr 12.5 — So 14.5 → Festival