Mi 25.11.15

Majical Cloudz + Jason Harvey

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

MAJICAL CLOUDZ is centered around Montreal songwriter Devon Welsh, who joined with Matthew Otto to collaboratively produce and perform his songs. For their music they invented a strong conceptual narrative that remains since the beginning: Simple yet emotionally forthcoming lyrics showcasing raw vulnerability, backed by sparse instrumentation and minimalist production. Welsh delivers melancholic but melody driven vocals echoing off elemental tones, praising love and friendship, commiserating over heartbreak and sadness. Written and recorded between Montreal and Detroit their latest album "Are You Alone?" features drum, viola and piano support from Canadian composition genius Owen Pallett (Arcade Fire) and Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys). Coming as no surprise, Welsh and Otto have created another soulful novella, continuing to contribute to the evolution of sound in pop, indie, and electronic music.

JASON HARVEY is a video artist based in Montréal. He steadily has been making music videos for second hand weirdo Mac Demarco and stark art pop group Majical Cloudz. He also likes to write poems and to recite them in a pitched down voice. In one of his videos he swims in the ocean with yellow hair.

Presented by NEVER WORK Vorteilswelt, Shameless/Limitless and no fear of pop.
Doors: 20H
Admission: 10€ - Tickets