Fr 3.7.15

The Hum W/ Lucrecia Dalt (Human Ear Music / Other People), Fist Van Odor (Killekill), Vinilette (The Hum) & Ultraviolett (Romantik Berlin / Perspectives)

ACUD CLUB 21h → Club Night

THE HUM is an exploratory club night traveling into different temporalities, phenomena and politics of sound, dance, and club culture. A work in progress. After a affirmative journey to the conditional realm of 1980s-based four to the floor modifications, interpretations and synthetic beyonds, THE HUM Nr. 73 is proceeding to a rather contemplating level of contemporary dance music…

(THE HUM is continuously calling for versatile contributions in the fields of sound and dance and related knowledge. Be it a lecture, a performance, a dj set, a workshop, a digital or physical artefact:

Lucrecia Dalt (Human Ear Music / Other People)
Fist van Odor (Killekill)
Vinilette (The Hum)
Ultraviolett (Romantikberlin / Perspectives) // //