Fr 14.6.24


ACUD CLUB 20h → Performance

FR 14.06. ACUD Club
Doors open:
20H (performance starts around 8:30pm-9pm, depending on how busy it is)
donation based entrance fee; UdK students get in for free

„Sumpf“ is a german umbrella term for wetlands, swamps, etc. It is a conceptual model of dualities - wet and dry; cursed yet fertile. What is submerged in it is stuck and never reappears. The swamp is a place imagination that birthed many different myths and creatures.

„Willkommen in diesem Sumpf hier“ (= welcome to this swamp) was the first message Itchi received on a queer dating platform back in 2011. Since then dating is strongly intertwined with swamp imagery. To feel lost or stuck is a common experience within the queer dating scene, especially as non cis people. Many do not feel seen or even alienated within their own community.
This performance focuses on the experiences of nonbinary people, using the swamp and its creatures as a playground.

director: Itchi
choreographer: Sefa Okutan

composer: Cunt Remember

performer: Ander Ballarin, Cunt Remember, Itchi, Tentakllee

fashion & set designer: Itchi