Fr 17.5.24

Persian Love: Summer Discotheque

ACUD CLUB 22h → Club Night & Concert

Persian Love: Summer Discotheque
FR 17.5, 22H-4H ACUD Club
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,,Persian Love: Summer Discotheque” at Acud Club follows the hugely successful sold out event at Loone Club, Bandari + Techno, where the soundsystem turns it’s attention to Persian dance rhythms and music to shake the hips and shoulders.
Persian Love is a concept brought from Mehmooni London / YARD Records DJ Milli who brings a treasure chest of Persian Gher music and effortlessly weaves onto the club space the story of the Persian house party, as we go from Tehran disco to provincial tribal sounds and back, there are few nights that go all night long for the culture, and Acud Club’s soundsystem will be it on May 17th. Once tickets are sold out tamooom / khalas / fin.

Line up:
Milli (all night long)