Mo 4.3.24

Berlin School of Sounds presents: Interdisciplinary Audio Production: Sound in Context - workshops

ACUD CLUB 18h → Workshop

Interdisciplinary Audio Production: Sound in Context
4.3- 5.5, Mondays and Wednesdays at 18:00 - 21:00
All levels:
beginner, intermediate through advanced (the first four seminars are a crash-course in audio fundamentals and mixing)

Fundamentals Seminar: March 4th
Mixing Seminars: March 5th, 6th and 7th
11 Professional Seminars: March 10th – April 15th
Mastering Seminar: April 24th
Project work and Mentoring: April 15th – May 2nd
Project presentations in the Acud Club: May 3rd – 5th

Max participants: 15 Sign up now!

This course teaches you the main specializations in the industry in one intensive education:

You will get a great hands-on preparation in

• Sound for picture (film/video),

• Radio and podcast,

• Theater sound,

• Sound for dance/performance,

• Live concert stage sound,

• Basics of the professional recording studio.

A pro seminar on audio mastering completes the course.

At the end you can present your work at the legendary Acud Macht Neu Club.

All of our teachers are foremost practicing professionals in Berlin with years of experience in their particular field of audio production. They are waiting to give you a deep insight into their craft, technique and artistic visions.

Once you can record audio well…
Who cares?

Did you know that almost half the professionals working in the field of audio production do not have an engineering degree from a university, or trade school? If however you recently graduated from an institution with a degree in Sound Engineering, Music Production or similar, what is your next step? If you have the proper qualifications, you may skip the fundamentals seminar and/or mixing seminars and join the course for a discounted rate starting from March 11, to learn the amazing range of practical audio production knowledge offered.

Professional audio is a part of the production process in several different interdisciplinary contexts. To create great audio experiences it is crucial to understand how sound fits into the workflow in various artistic production processes and the technical frameworks they require. The end-listening scenario is always the most important to all the decisions that take place throughout mixing and production. Imagining and producing sound properly depends on being able to understand real outcomes in specific spaces (homes, cars, theaters, cinemas, concert stages, clubs, radio etc.)

Understanding the contexts of audio is a definitive part of developing an authentic artistic vision with a personal approach to recorded sound!