Mi 29.11.23


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GOETHE-INSTITUT IM EXIL: Qeas Pirzad - EP launch
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Qeas Pirzad’s debut EP Ataraxia will be released digitally on the 30 November. With this latest creation he will take you on his personal journey of healing, through spoken word.

Being born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to Afghan parents, he rapidly discovered his love for daydreaming. While existing in these multiple spaces and building these worlds through his imagination. It is not a surprise that he found his way into Berlin and how this grew out into him becoming a multidisciplinary artist that is still building and sharing these worlds through several mediums like poetry, collage, oil on canvas and now through Spoken word with this new body of work, Ataraxia. While his paintings and collages take you on a visual trip through his mind with dreamlike compositions, Ataraxia will have the listener close their eyes and let his voice lead the way through his often descriptive and metaphorical words. As the EP’s title stands for experiencing a state of freedom from emotional disturbance, Pirzad finds his tranquility in the music of the 1970’s and 1980’s of Afghanistan, India, Iran and Tajikistan.

“Imagine me living in Kabul, Afghanistan, in the 1970’s and be well traveled through India, Iran, Tajikistan and some parts of the west. Picking up hints of inspiration from all these places, that’s what the sound of this EP is inspired by, but brought to the present”, says Qeas. And by collaborating with Cameron Bloomfield on this project - who produced this EP and is a London based multitalented singer, songwriter and producer - these hints of inspiration were beautifully captured.

Qeas Pirzad © Qeas PirzadQeas Pirzad's art critically examines the construction of personalized realities. Born to Afghan parents in the Netherlands, Pirzad adeptly navigates the juxtaposed realms within and outside his home. His work largely mirrors the artist's revelation in shaping his own perception of reality. Pirzad contemplates the acknowledgment of societal and ancestral influences on his being. Upon realizing the profound impact of these influences, he employs his art to dissect and unravel the outcomes of his previously prescribed reality. Pirzad studied at the Royal Academy of Art at the Hague, before relocating to Berlin to pursue his artistic career. His diverse bodies of work employ various styles and disciplines to convey the profound insights gained from his experiences in different corners of the world and across various social strata. As a multidisciplinary artist, Pirzad expresses his perception of reality through a diverse range of mediums, encompassing oil on canvas, digital collage, poetry, performance art, music and spoken word. In his vision of reality, he seamlessly embodies various facets of his life, without the need to sacrifice one for another. This theme of multiplicity threads through Pirzad's entire body of work, positioning him as a pioneer in the realm of Afghan Futurism. The otherworldly compositions of his projects invite viewers on an unrestricted visual voyage. His intention is for this journey to ignite moments of awakening in those who experience it.