Mi 22.11.23

Goethe-Institut im Exil: „Reflecting Exile(s) – Exil(e) denken“

ACUD STUDIO 19h → Screening & Talk

„Reflecting Exile(s) – Exil(e) denken“
MI 22.11, 19H ACUD Studio

The event will take place in German

Invisible Biographies: Arash Marandi and Maryam Zaree in conversation with Andreas Fanizadeh

How diverse German or how homogeneous foreign should it be? Today, Germany and its population are also globalized and people of different origins form a nation. Nevertheless, discourses and ideas are often determined by ethnic attributions and demarcations. Political and social distinctions are often lost in this discussion.

In their work, the two filmmakers Maryam Zaree and Arash Marandi repeatedly deal with themes that accompany them in this respect in Germany.

The discussion series "Reflecting Exile(s) - Exil(e) denken" will be moderated by Andreas Fanizadeh, head of the culture resort at taz newspaper. Further dates will take place in December 2023 (with Ronja Othman and Deniz Utlu) and January 2024 (with Irina Scherbakowa and Daniel Cohn-Bendit).