Sa 16.9.23

PerForma: Empowerment

ACUD CLUB 21h → Club Night & Concert & Performance

PerForma: Empowerment
SA 16.09, 21H ACUD Club

Presale: 10 €
Door: 15 €

PerForma: Empowerment showcases multimedia artists whose creative works explore the intricate dimensions of women’s empowerment. This event is dedicated to dismantling stereotypes and illuminating the dynamic and diverse nature of gender and sexuality.

The goal of the event is to inspire personal empowerment, foster inclusivity, and create a world where everyone's identity is honored and valued. Nevertheless, it is important for us to highlight the profound impact that artistic expression has on challenging societal norms and promoting open dialogue.

Line up:
Jessica Kert (Live)
Fangarm x Anja Malec (AV Live)
Industrial Opera “Salome” by Stanislav Glazov x Alexandra Pyatkova
Ewa Nomad (DJ)
Anja Malec (Performance)
Mariami Aianadi (Performance)

Piercing & Tattoos:
Yulia Hesoyam