Sa 30.9.23

Soy&Synth 2023 part 2

ACUD CLUB 19h30 → Club Night & Concert

Soy&Synth 2023 part 2
SA 30.9, 19.30H ACUD Club
Doors open:
Shows start: 20:00

Line Up:
Camila Nebbia
Klaas von Karlos and Elsa M'Bala

Soy&Synth is back for its 5th year in 2023 in an expanded supernova form, conjuring up more artists, partners, and gatherings in its colorful bricolage across 5 months of programming.
Once a month from August to October, Soy&Synth will present a series of 3 concerts in multiple venues, featuring 12 emerging Berlin-based musicians and sound artists from multiple south (South East Asia, South American, and African) diasporic backgrounds: from Benin to Brasil, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cameroon, Indonesia and more.

The 3 concerts will be accompanied by 1 discourse session, 1 audio zine as documentation, and 1 final listening + makan wrap-up event towards the end of the year in December.

In 2023, Soy&Synth casts its spell anew. The cosmic threads of collaboration intertwine with it’s sibling L_KW, an auditory collective that wields sonic activism like a beacon of change. Joining this orchestration of experimentation is Midnight Shift, a label and music emissary nestled in both Berlin's bustling heart and Singapore's vibrant pulse. But that's not all—the 2023 spectacle forges fresh alliances with curatorial visionaries Kim Diana Vu of Decolonoize and Nicholas Kelly of Mixtape Menage, broadening hues of perspectives to its sonic palette.