Sa 9.9.23

Anastave's Album Release Celebration

ACUD CLUB 21h → Club Night & Concert

Anastave's Album Release Celebration
SA 9.9, 21H ACUD Club

Anastave's album release celebration, a special edition of Anastave's Showcase, features five FLINTA Berlin-based artists:

Anastave is a composer, singer, and producer who layers intimate vocals, textural soundscapes, and complex rhythms to create a unique blend of electronica and dark experimental pop.

Yeve is a dynamic and daring live experimental music project that unites the realms of queer and ecological activism.

Berenice Llorens is an Argentinian composer, guitar player, and live performer who composes real-time electronic musical experiences capturing and reinterpreting soundscapes of nature and the city.

The electronic musician Emme Moises will be presenting a sci-fi live techno set inspired by her interaction with machines and the soundscapes she has been creating for the past few years.

Arlenys is a Dominican and Bronx-raised resident DJ at Dynamic Events, a Queer feminist hard dance series, who plays industrial techno spliced with darkwave.