Sa 3.6.23

Endless Space Adventure

ACUD CLUB 21h → Concert & Club Night & Performance

Endless Space Adventure
SA 3.6, ACUD Club
End: 05:00
Tickets: 15/20E (Buy here)

Join us for an Endless Space Adventure: Joa Luna, Beatdenker & HOLY B are celebrating their releases at Acud Macht Neu on June 3rd so be ready for a night full of live performances and DJ sets till the feet drop from dancing!

After the release of her debut album "Hold Space" and the sold out release concert at Kantine am Berghain, Joa Luna invited 17 artists to remix it and is looking forward to releasing it as a compilation this June! Both of the artists also contributed to the compilation and have their releases ready - we are going to celebrate "I Like It But I Do It" & "Adventures in Lo-Fi", too. Yay!


Joa Luna creates patchworks of rich vibrating sound that interlace between avant-garde, ambient, broken beats and the unknown. Originally from Poland she now occupies a unique space in the Berlin music scene and is actively involved with many projects incl. female:pressure, Music Women* Germany, ECLAT Crew and currents.
In order to express, transcend and understand the complexities of this modern life she constantly expands and tinkers with her toolbox of techniques. What this manifests as is something that breathes air into the space around it. You want to move with Joa and join her in an ecstasy that heals and imparts rarely granted freedom

Beatdenker's Postcontemporary Beats fusing the spirit and knowledge of beat music, jazz, carnatic
music, new music, IDM and electronica into a futuristic experience. Beatdenker plays live and
improvises every time anew. The hyperactive beat fire heats up the audience so much that the sonic
waves coaxes their "future dance steps" out of them. The end result is a wicked live set full of
action and interaction.

Beatdenker's self-developed and unprecedented rhythmic language, forward-thinking sound design
and hyper creative composing and improvising are bringing a fresh, encouraging, bouncy, dancy,
concrete, fat, real, spirited, bubbly sound and feel from his future to our present.

HOLY B is an experimental musician, electric bass player and producer. His sound is embracing the realm of Lo-Fi and explores a unique pathway along psychedelic edges and rhythmic voodoo. Listen to his set with beats, noises and magic, drawing inspiration from idols like e.g. Micachu, Mono Neon, Dakim, Flying Lotus, J-Dilla and more. He is currently releasing the third and last part of the EP-serie „Adventures in Lo-Fi“, for which he collaborated with a range of promising artists, such as Fred Red, Physical Graffiti, Beatdenker and Ark Noir.


tba! Stay tuned!