Fr 19.5.23


ACUD CLUB 20h → Performance

19.05, 20H ACUD Club
10 Euro (presale), 12 Euro (at the door)

“Singularity” is a mixed media event, exploring new meditations on time, space and sonics. Within this singular A/V series of multidisciplinary performances, the audience is set to encounter a pure synaesthetic experience.

Line up:
Mariami Ainadi & Leonardo Sbabo — Performance
Nobutaka Shomura — Live / Dance Performance
Stanislav Glazov — AV Live
Fangarm x Anja Malec — AV Live

“Singularity” is a dance solo performed in an interactive environment of body-generated visuals and sound. It explores the concept of the human body, its senses, and feelings in an environment dominated by media and technology.
This performance enables the dancer to participate and define the event, while it’s happening, in a full immersion experience, exploring possible interactions between the performer and the surrounding space.
The position of man, balancing between the real and digital world is the basis upon which the choreography was constructed. Through interacting with the Kinect camera, which recognizes physical impulses, each dancer’s movement generates visual effects and unpredictable sequences of sounds.
In order to establish a continuous and understandable link between the dancer’s body and the virtual world of the stage, we developed custom software in TouchDesigner, that serves as a digital layer between the performer, Kinect cameras, lasers, and modular synths.
“Singularity” is a permanent work in progress that creates one whole out of different media, which are tightly related to each other, exploring a new perception of time, space, and sound. Improvisation plays an important role in performance: even with the same scenario and technical setting, each performance is always different from the previous one.