Do 25.5.23

Screening of “Place of Peace” followed by a discussion

ACUD STUDIO 19h → Screening

Screening of “Place of Peace” followed by a discussion
DO 25.5, 19H ACUD Studio

Ukraine, 2022, 26 min, Ukrainian with German subtitles

Through seven performances on the streets of Berlin, the film shows the stories of five Ukrainian refugees who found themselves in Germany after the outbreak of the Russian war in Ukraine in February 2022. The music documentary "Place of Peace" conveys without words the loneliness and helplessness of people who by a wave of circumstances are thrown into an unknown space where they have to start their lives all over again. Director Antonina Gotfrid will present a working version of the film and give an insight into the process of making it.

The film idea came from Ukrainian film director Antonina Gotfrid and German composer and sound producer Omari Mshvenieradze. The realisation was supported by the Ukrainian folklore group Viltse, which is committed to the reproduction of Ukrainian traditions. The artistic concept for the performances was developed by the Ukrainian concept designer Alina Kashitsyna, who now lives and works in Athens. Kashitsyna developed all the components of the visual part of the performances especially for this film. Partners of the project were the Alliance4Ukraine Foundation and the Central Association of Ukrainians in Nymetschyna (founder: Lyudmila Mlosh).
The screening will be followed by a discussion with the authors and actors of the film.