Mo 22.5.23

MONTHLY MEET-UP "Working in the Performing Arts"

ACUD STUDIO 18h → Talk

MONTHLY MEET-UP "Working in the Performing Arts"
MO 22.5, 18H ACUD Studio

Free Participation

The next MONTHLY MEET-UP "Working in the Performing Arts" will be an opportunity for theater makers, performers and professionals from the theater world to come together.
Georg Scharegg (Intendant, Geschäftsführer TD Berlin)
Serge Fouha (Schauspieler und Regisseur)
Natalie Driemeyer (Dramaturgin Hans-Otto Theater Potsdam)

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This event is organised by Touring Artists and Goethe-Institut in Exile.

Touring Artists offers information and advice for artists and cultural workers in an international context. Touring Artists provides information and advice on administrative and organisational issues that arise in cross-border work for artistic, curatorial and organisational practice, including visas, residence, social security, copyright and mobility funding.