Fr 5.5.23


ACUD CLUB 21h → Club Night & Concert & Workshop

FR 5.5, 21H ACUD Club

The party experiment goes as follows:
The dance floor is for dancing. There's no talking on the dance floor--to see what states of flow we might enter when we give our focus to the beat.
For all those who wish their dance floor neighbour would stop yelling into their ear.
(And no worries, there’s a chill area next to the dance floor for catching up.)

Workshop: Dance yourself clean, float in between the beat, and dive into individual and collective flow.
By exploring different sensations and movement qualities of the body, we can tap into different emotions and versions of ourselves - play around, do nothing, go overboard, let go! The workshop builds up gradually to create an environment of trust and care, a safe space for letting go, accompanied by a mix of ambient, minimal house & techno and some trippy surprises.

20:45-22:30 Workshop
22:30-4:30 DJs

Gun!lla (Live):
From playful house to trippy dub and breakbeat, Gun!lla's sound is maximally minimal and all her own.

Genre Fluid with a big dip of Afrofuturism

Body Electric:
is all about the groove, the bounce, the sea of emotions contained between a nasty bass line and bittersweet melody. At times deep, dub, minimal; at times shimmering, soft, light; above all driven by the search for catharsis.

Tickets 10-25 €, online or at the door:
Soli-prices available

Please buy workshop tickets beforehand and arrive by 20:45 for the workshop. Doors for the party portion open at 22:30.