So 5.2.23


ACUD CLUB 20h30 → Concert

SUN 5.2, 20.30H ACUD Club

Since 2021 Hani Mojtahedy and Andi Toma have been working together on the project Hjirok. Originally planned as a one-time performance for the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Oct. 21 and 22, 2021), it developed into a long-term project whose growth has not yet come to an end. With Hjirok, the duo addresses the devastating effects of climate change in the Iranian-Kurdish region and the Iraqi-Kurdish border area. What began as a reflection on the increasing scarcity of water soon expanded as a panopticon of this regionn between myth and harsh political reality. For the treated region does not stand still even in these months. The project Hjirok processes the impulses of the struggle for freedom in Iran as part of its complaint about alienation, division and man-made disasters.

Hjirok, a water spirit, invokes a return to a holistic view of this region. In this context, water can be seen as a symbol of life and fertility. A resource that is reaching its limits, leading to conflicts in nature and between the nations involved in the region in the struggle for survival. Hjirok waits in her element, amidst waterfalls, for people to return to her and accept her gifts in their true meaning, instead of choosing exploitation and oppression. It's not too late, she sings.


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