Do 10.11.22

Magic at The Margins: Rethinking Healing from a Queer Exile Perspective

ACUD STUDIO 18h30 → Workshop

Magic at The Margins: Rethinking Healing from a Queer Exile Perspective
DO 10.11, 18.30H – 21.30H ACUD Studio
: English

Join Disruption Lab for the workshop Magic at The Margins with Ahmed Awadalla (writer, health practitioner, DE). Warming up to our 28th Conference MADNESS: Fighting for Justice in Mental Health ( 25-27 November). The workshop is part of Disruption Network Lab's all year round community programme Curated by Nada Bakr.

Certain subjectivities are shaped by marginality and liminality, and in particular queer, trans, racialized, displaced, neurodivergent, and disabled bodies. It is not a stretch to pose that Audre Lorde referred to these marginalities when she wrote ‘we were never meant to survive’. Yet this liminal spaces and margins hold knowledge and wisdoms, and carry potential and capability, not only for survival but also for recovery and healing.
In this workshop, we will discuss the ways in which mental health institutions and discourses were appropriated by white heteropatriarchal and capitalist logics. Together we will rethink healing from a marginal point of view. The aim is to emphasize the power of alternative healing modalities, community knowledge, and collective healing.

The workshop is open to everyone. Priority to queer, trans, non-binary and POC (people of color).
The number of participants is limited. Please register in advance.

Ahmed Awadalla (writer, health practitioner, DE)
Ahmed Awadalla is a writer and health practitioner based in Berlin. They currently work as a sex educator and psychosocial worker at the Berliner Aids-Hilfe, a community-based sexual health center. Awadalla’s community-building practice centers on the well-being and participation of marginalized groups including LGBTIQ people, migrants, refugees, and young people. Their writing and research foreground the intersections between health, migration, and radical sexual politics. They contribute to various media publications, anthologies, and journals.

*Cover photo credit Johnny Miller