Do 6.10.22

GOETHE-INSTITUT IM EXIL:Ukraine - Festival Day 1


Goethe-Institut im Exil:Ukraine - Opening Festival Day 1
DO 6.10, 18H- 24H

Free entrance

Das Programm auf Deutsch und Ukrainisch finden Sie HIER

The inaugural festival of "Goethe-Institut im Exil" will take place from October 6 to 9, 2022 at the whole ACUD house and will highlight the current art scene in Ukraine. It will feature performances, concerts, readings, discussions, film screenings, and talks with authors Serhij Zhadan and Iryna Tsilyk, theater maker Vlad Troitskyi, and photographer Igor Gaidai, among others!


The team of Goethe-Institut in Exile welcomes you to the opening festival with a country focus on Ukraine. After speeches by Johannes Ebert and Ralf Beste, Olga Sievers and Olena Lykhovodova will present the programme of this edition.
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20H - 21H
ALARM - Installation/performance (ua)
Alarm is an audio-visual installation and live performance in the courtyard of Kunsthaus ACUD, which gives the audience an understanding of the situation of Ukrainians in a state of war.
The light installation will be on view in the courtyard after dark on all days. The installation is being realised by the Center of Contemporary Art DAKH (CCA DAKH). The Kyiv-based centre for experimental art emphasises its mission on the cultural front with its work.
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21H - 21.30H
VLAD TROITSKYI (CCA DAKH): ALARM - artist talk (eng with de and ua translation)
Following the live performance Alarm by the Center of Contemporary Art DAKH, founder and curator Vlad Troitskyi talks about the work and about the mission of his theatre on the ‘cultural front’.
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21H - 23.30H
ZEMLYA (EARTH) - film (ua with eng subtitles)
Zemlya is the most famous Ukrainian film, a masterpiece of world cinema and a poetic film about collectivisation in Ukraine at the end of the 1920s. It tells of the founding of the first collective farms and class antagonism: Vasyl, a member of the Komsomol, gets himself a tractor – the first in the community – with the help of a local party organisation and causes a lot of excitement. After the men urinate in the overheated cooler, the peasants plough the land with the tractor and harvest the grain, ploughing up the kulaks’ fences in the process. Vasyl’s enthusiasm will cost him dearly...
The film is shown with a contemporary soundtrack of the ethno-chaos band DakhaBrakha. The references of the 1920s and 1930s are thus mixed with the modern gaze of the 21st century.
With an introduction by Oleksandr Teliuk, Chief Archivist of the Dovzhenko Centre.

21.30H - 23H
ZHADAN I SOBAKI - Ska concert
Zhadan i Sobaki defend freedom with music. The lyrics by Serhiy Zhadan combine poetry and punk. Since 2008, the band has been collaborating with the well-known Ukrainian writer and changed its name from Sobaki v kosmose to Zhadan i Sobaki (literally “Zhadan and the dogs”).
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