Do 22.9.22

Open Music Lab showcase

ACUD CLUB 18h → Club Night & Concert

Open Music Lab showcase
DO 22.9, ACUD Club 20H

Celebrating their latest record release Diffraction, which features music from the Open Music Lab community, they're inviting friends and mentors Sarah Farina and Mor Elian to complete a fire line-up of artists. Expect a musical trip starting with a soundbath, over a sound art installation and Persian rap to the finest house, techno and bass selections by some of Berlin's favourites and most promising new talent. It'll be a ride.


DJ Sets
Juba b2b Sarah Farina
Mor Elian
King Sleepy b2b YA Z AN
Laguna Park II
Live acts
RealMo (live)
Hami Mehr feat. Ben Osborn (sound art installation)
Mabenge (soundbath)

Berlin-based NGO Open Music Lab's goal is to increase access to and opportunities in music for the city's diverse communities, offering free production and DJing courses.