Do 22.9.22

Postcards of the Future

ACUD STUDIO 20h → Screening

Postcards of the Future
DO 22.9, ACUD Studio 20H

Entrance: free / Solidarity Donations for the event are welcome.

Buenaventura and Nuqui are two territories in the Pacific region of Colombia, inhabited mostly by Afro-descendant communities that through processes of territorial resistance, confront state abandonment, inequality, structural violence and processes of dispossession, which miners, drug traffickers, private entrepreneurs advance in search of the mineral and geographic wealth of these regions.

Postcards of the Future is a process of audiovisual exchange between the communications collectives En Puja (Nuqui), Puerto Creativo (Buenaventura) and Fundación Tura Hip Hop. During the last two years they have worked in residency format for the creation of audiovisual letters that explore the notion of future and sea-port that intertwine the reality of these two territories. From the documentary film perspective they promote and share reflections, visions and feelings that are born of two territories crossed by the notion of port: Buenaventura, a city with a port and Nuqui, a municipality with a project of construction of a port and a tradition of conversation and struggle for the territory.

The Members of the communication collectives En Puja (Nuquí) and Puerto Creativo (Buenvaventura) are coming to Germany for the documenta15, where the film premiere will take place on September 15th at the Gloria Theater in Kassel as part of the activities of Más Arte Más Acción at documenta and at the night of the 22.09.2022 are going to be present at ACUD MACHT NEU for their screening in Berlin.


20.00 - 21.00 - Postales del Futuro Screening

21.00 - 22.00 round table and dialogue with filmmakers and members of the collectives

22.00 - listening session with Amuleto Manuela

Event in Spanish and if needed with translation to Eng. / Deu.