Sa 26.11.22

Sonic Borderlines: Fattness & Handy-Chor

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Sonic Borderlines: Fattness & Handy-Chor
Protest music from many cultures is rewritten by this ensemble of all powerful low brass instruments plus basses and percussion. The audience is invited to accompany the ensemble by playing the original sound files on their mobile phones
SA 26.11, 20H ACUD Club

The transcultural ensemble concerts under the title Sonic Borderlines seek an international and decolonised historical performance practice. The radically curated evenings bring together musicians from diverse backgrounds, such as Arabic and Azerbaijani classical music and music from the European Middle Ages and Renaissance. This part is curated by Jeremy Woodruff from the Berlin School of Sound.

Jeremy Woodruff ( Bariton-Saxofon / Dirigent )
Leonie Freudenberger (Bariton-Saxophon)
Tobias Schirmer (Bariton-Saxofon)
Yannic Rösch (Bariton-Saxofon)
Nils Marquart (Posaune)
Stefan Pahlke (Tuba)
Mathew Bookert (Sousaphone)
Ranjit Prasad (E-Bass und Kontrabass)
Liliana Zieniawa (Drum Set und Vibraphon )
Martin Krause (Drum Set, Marimbaphon und
Orchester Schlagzeug)

Fattness is a new ensemble featuring almost all low instruments for a uniquely powerful sound. Compositions of Jeremy Woodruff are based on transcriptions of protest events from around the world. This sonification/ adaptation of chants of protest mingle with the original recordings of these protests. Other music they play is based on protest music and sound taken from other Sonic Borderline participants from the various concerts.
The sound of the ensemble which is mostly derived from street music, is however mainly through-composed but allows for some improvisation by the highly versatile members of the ensemble. Members of Fattness appear in many other Berlin bands including What's Fish, Babelsberg Film Orchestra, Beat and Blow, and multiple other regional ensembles.
Fattness makes a playlist available with instructions for the audience when and which tracks to use from their mobile-phone speakers as an accompaniment to their music.