Di 6.9.22

Sonic Borderlines: Tahkt Sharqi & Kamila Marcinowska & Cesar Queroz & Mathis Mayr

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Sonic Borderlines: Tahkt Sharqi & Kamila Marcinowska & Cesar Queroz & Mathis Mayr
Classical Arabic music meets historical music of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe
DI 6.9, 20H ACUD Club

The transcultural ensemble concerts under the title Sonic Borderlines seek an international and decolonised historical performance practice. The radically curated evenings bring together musicians from diverse backgrounds, such as Arabic and Azerbaijani classical music and music from the European Middle Ages and Renaissance. This part is curated by Jeremy Woodruff from the Berlin School of Sound.


Tahkt Sharqi:
Ghaith Al Shaar (Oud) - has been playing the oud since he was ten years old. At the Damascus Conservatory, he studied horn as a major and piano as a second subject. In 2019, he completed a master's degree in musicology at Humboldt University in Berlin. Since 2014, he has been teaching oud in Berlin regularly in Kalamon Institute for Arabic Language. He is engaged in Arabic and Turkish classical music. Currently he is focusing on music from Aleppo in his projects.

Ayman Hlal (Geige) - 2005 - 2012 he studied music education for violin (Al-Baath University - College of Music in Homs/ Syria). He has played concerts with "Sharq w Gharb" (Oriental Fusion), different bands: "Double crotchet" (Oriental Jazz), "Ghershekl" (Oriental Fusion) and classical and oriental orchestras of the Music College in Homs/Syria, and Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra SEPO in Berlin. In addition, he always participates in the flamenco band Azuleo in Germany and Italy, Mahatat Ensemble, National Orchestra of Belgium in Brussels, Babylon Orchestra Berlin, with the ensemble Cantus Domus Berlin.

Elias Aboud (Riq) - Syrian born percussionist soloist and composer Elias Aboud is also a member of various ensembles such as the Berlin based Boulez Ensemble, the Asambura for contemporary music and the Syriab Ensemble for inter-cultural music. He too is the founder of the Ramal Ensemble for Arabic contemporary music.
Based on his research to explore the orientalists` influence on the western musicians toward Arabic music he is curating two series of concerts with pianist Michaela Catranis and the Ramal Ensemble in Berlin. Together with the Ramal Ensemble Elias created an additional project focusing on collaborating with an array of musicians. In 2021 Elias is recording his first CD “!Intimate distance!” reflecting the importance of the Arab and western percussion instruments in the context with an ensemble of other instruments all being equally important to the performance. This project is funded by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC). In 2022 Music Board has commissioned Elias to write an Ep called "U's - from Damaskus to Berlin" for Vibraphone plus other instruments and electronics based on his previous composition "U8" reflecting the life around Berlin Ubahn line 8.

Cesar Queruz Acero (Barock Gitarre, Theorbo) - After studying at the ISA with Esteban Campuzano in Cuba and at the Javeriana University with Carlos Posada in Colombia, César Queruz graduated in 2007 with a master's degree in classical guitar at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich. Between 2001 and 2004 he succeeded in various competitions. He won the Soloist Competition of the Luis Angel Arango Library in Bogota, the Soloist Competition of the Javeriana Orchestra and managed to win the "Young Javerian Musicians Competition" three times in a row. In 2009 he began to play the theorbo and the baroque guitar. For this he took lessons with Jakob Lindberg and David Miller in London, and Matthew Jones in Berlin. In 2018, César completed postgraduate studies in general bass with Björn Collel at the UdK in Berlin. César regularly performs at festivals such as the London Handel Festival, les Azuriales in Cap-Ferrat (France) and Potsdam, the Herrenhäuser Festival in Hannover, the Spitafields Festival in London, Káposvar in Hungary, Tongyung in South Korea, the Sydney Festival in Australia, and the National Museum in Bogota. He has also performed in concerts in Estonia, Poland, Spain and Canada. Currently César lives in Berlin and performs with the London Early Opera.

Kamila Marcinowska (baroque Fagott, Dulzian) - graduated Juilliard Concervatory in 2016, has been a soloist and ensemble member in professional groups all over the world for many years, including groups such as Freiburger Baroque Orchester, Concerto Copenhagen, Copenhagen Soloist, Anima Eterna, Australian Classical and Romantic Orchestra, Ensemble Cristofori, Wrocław Baroque Orchestra, Warsaw Chamber Opera and Capella Cracoviensis. You can hear her on recordings from Les Muffati, Arte dei Suonatori, Engave Baroque, Collegium Marianum, Ensemble Inegal, Gabrieli Consort and Players, Collegium 1704, Altberg Ensemble, Capella Augustina. She has collaborated with conductors such as Paul Mc Creesh, Peter van Heyghen and Lorenzo Coppolla.

Mathis Mayr (Vielle, Viola D'Arco) - has been a member of ensemble mosaik since 2008. His repertory encompasses Renaissance and folk music, contemporary composition, jazz, and flamenco, and his musical interests range from experimental electronic music, historically informed performance, and microtonal music to the traditional songs of the Alps and Mediterranean. His lively account of Feldman's Patterns in a Chromatic Field (Wergo 2019, with Antonis Anissegos) was hailed as "remarkable and deeply moving" by Strad Magazine.

The concert takes place within the framework of the Month of Contemporary Music.