Fr 23.9.22

Sonic Pluralities: Hexorcismos + MAF

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Sonic Pluralities: Hexorcismos + MAF
Shamanistic AI music
FR 23.9, ACUD Club 20H
Tickets: 8E

The series Sonic Pluralities presents a program of musical evenings hosted by artists that are approaching sonic experience from plural positions. To speak from the plural means to step outside the linear temporalities and standard categories that have been inscripted in the contemporary’ musical gaze. The program reflects on each artist’s journeys of migration, trajectories in music and artistic legacies which have composed their own way of sensing-being in musical language. Each evening will present different modes of gathering and diverse musical worlds.


MAF is a Brooklyn-born, Berlin-based sound artist and musician using performance, installation, and sonic experimentation to explore an ever-expanding universe through projects such as Brother Aten, The Nekoma Void, Nommo, and Black Grain Meditation.


Moisés Horta Valenzuela AKA Hexorcismos (México, 1988) is a sound artist and electronic musician from Tijuana, México working in the fields of computer music and the history and politics of emerging technologies. His practice attempts to disrupt dichotomies with new radical juxtapositions, such as utopia with dystopia and folk traditions with capitalist modernity.
As Hexorcismos, he crafts an uncanny link between ancient and contemporary sound technologies so as to address the politics of colonization, occupation and contemporary alchemy. Prehispanic sound artifacts from ancient México, Deep Neural Networks, wearable brain-computer interfaces and hand-crafted electronic instruments are critically merged together to situate the listener in a teknoXamanistic ritual of rhythmical and mnemonic noise.

Whether it be on dancefloors, in interactive immersive sound installations, or in open source workshops about AI and Machine Learning and discursive programmes; his work has been presented at Ars Electronica, Linz (2020), MUTEK AI Art Lab Montréal (2020), MUTEK México (2012), Monom 4D Sound Berlin
(2019), CTM Festival Music Makers Hacklab Berlin (2018), Rum/Klang Galerie Denmark (2018) and ElektronMusikStudion Stockholm (2017), among others.

Curated by Miguel Buenrostro
A Project by ACUD MACHT NEU.

Find the full program of Sonic Pluralities and Borderlines here

This event was made possible with funding by NEUSTART KULTUR /
Supported by our media partner TAZ