Do 16.6.22

Fantasia Malware Presents

ACUD CLUB 19h → Performance

Fantasia Malware is a collective and label that makes fantastical, magical, corrupt, chaotic software.
In 2022 they are hosting the event series "Fantasia Malware Presents" - centered around using videogames in live performances.
For each of the events, one member of Fantasia Malware will show a solo project and invite an artist from the growing community of artists working with videogame technology.

The first event is taking place at ACUD MACHT NEU:

The Berlin-based artist Gabriel Helfenstein (from Fantasia Malware) will show his new work "A Time Traveller's Guide To Past Delicacies". The game will be presented as a live performance.

Then, Studio Oleomingus, a game studio from India working at the intersection of post colonial writing and interactive fiction, will present their new work "Folds Of A Separation". The game will be playable by everyone.

To finish, ARIESFALLENANGEL will guide the audience through the night with a live set mixing ambient with techno, electro and vocals.