Do 12.5.22

Laboratoire Kontempo Miziki: Decolonizing Music Technologies

ACUD CLUB 19h → Concert & Talk

In this conversation/performance, Khyam Allami, Alejandra Cardenas “Ale Hop”Moises Horta "Hexorcismos”    and Musicologist Romain Malwengo Kingenzi will share their inputs and exchange perspectives on music technology,  performative potentiality and production tools for musical worlds. From Artificial Intelligence, musical instrument creation in Kinshasa, to open source software.

Each participant will present In a 20 minute presentation, sharing their inputs on how to create spaces of  musical experience beyond the western canon. Musicians and researchers will bring along autonomous instruments, musical imagination and narratives, compositions and performance.

This presentation will be moderated by artist - researcher Nico Daleman.

Khyam Allami
Ale Hop

Romain Malwengo Kingenzi
Nico Daleman