Fr 3.12.21

*SOLD OUT*Amplify Berlin: Phase Fatale DJ, robogeisha LIVE, Christ Initials LIVE, Felisha Ledesma LIVE

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Amplify Berlin Showcase: Phase Fatale DJ, robogeisha LIVE, Christ Initials LIVE, Felisha Ledesma LIVE
FR 3.12.21, 20H


Entry only with 2G+ measurements (only vaccinated &/or recovered plus tested within the last 48 hours with a PCR test or 24 hours with an antigene test)

Phase Fatale (DJ)
Felisha Ledesma (Live)
Christ Initials (Live)
robogeisha (Live)


Phase Fatale [Mentor November ’21]
... is the Berlin-based techno project of Hayden Payne. Since 2014 the New York native has earned a reputation as a techno innovator, both for the broad spectrum of dystopian, gritty, industrial-laden electronics included in DJ sets as well as his deep understanding of synthesis and sound design in his own productions. Having released his debut album on Hospital Productions (Redeemer, 2017) and 12″s on labels such as Jealous God, Ostgut Ton and its sub label unterton, Phase Fatale has since settled into residencies at both Berghain in Berlin as well as Khidi in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. In 2018 Payne launched his own label BITE. Phase Fatale’s sharpened rhythmic contours in the context of his DJ sets draw on a vast repertoire of new and classic references: dark ambient drones contrast with the raw, punchy dynamics of industrial and post-punk, cold wave aesthetics combine with 4/4 functionality – all stitched together meticulously with strong atmospheric sensibilities, careful and precise mixing.

Felisha Ledesma [Mentee May ’21]
… is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Berlin, GER. In January 2021, Ledesma’s first full-length release on Psychic Liberation x Enmossed arrived after much experience in creating collaborative works, site-specific installations, and high-profile festival performances.
Over the past decade, Ledesma co-founded, directed, and supported various organizations focused on experimental sound and community engagement such as the Synth Library in Portland, OR, a lending library for electronic music equipment. Most recently Felisha co-founded Fors (, creating "novel instruments that are elegant to use and adventurous in sound" in collaboration with Ess Mattisson and is studying sonic arts at Universität der Künste, Berlin.
Amplify Track - ‘Room13’ ►

Intials [Mentee November ’20]
Producer, Songwriter & DJ Joel Cotterell (in Berlin, from so-called Australia) is making techno and performance soundscapes. The project is driven by the tensions between grimness and play, between alienating industry and the sociality of the dancefloor, and between strict rhythm and indulgent melody. Affinities for the miasma of black metal and Sisters of Mercy–style drama are inflected with criticality, camp and class consciousness with the goal of helping bodies to move and passions to flare.
Amplify Track - ‘Cold Series Of Gestures’ ►

robogeisha [Mentee November ’20]
The first, quintessential, perfectly adorable robot of the 90ʼs. Intelligent, scratchy, capable of cleaning the house, except that it couldnʼt talk and had a brain the size of a nail, but oh so cute. Sadly, you wouldnʼt want to get too close to it. Itʼs not big on hugs or holding hands. Nevertheless, robogeisha is the perfect aural companion. For anyone in the world of robots, this would be a no-brainer. Its product name is – robogeisha – for its ability to replace something not worth replacing. The question is: was the robot too cute to be used? Who would buy a machine that you canʼt hug? And isnʼt the point to have a companion that lets you go about your daily tasks without having to ask it or even pay attention to it? If robogeisha wasnʼt so cute, I wouldnʼt bother to write this, but even then, itʼs clear that if you see an adorable robot at the supermarket, you canʼt stop asking it to do something. Instead of just saying „Hi, Iʼm pretty good at vacuuming. What can I do for you?“, robogeisha will force its adorable face to yours and say „Iʼm feeling unloved. Can I make myself feel loved? What should I do to make myself feel loved?“ Then you just have to start playing with it and say „please“, but without your hands on her face. I personally prefer the noise this induces in me – there is no substitute. Itʼs an intriguing sociological study of a tech phenomenon weʼve been seeing for a while. I canʼt forget to mention, in the beginning, that she has no name. Youʼd just call her so-and-so. How itʼs done, weʼll never know, but itʼs something you can never forget. Not when sheʼs so charming, so cute, so human-like, so painfully cute.
Amplify Track - ‘Big Room Ali Imran 69’ ►
Veteranenstr 21
10119 Berlin
Entry only with 2G+ measurements (only vaccinated &/or recovered plus tested within the last 48 hours)
The Event will be streamed as well on Amplify and Acud Macht Neu Youtube & FB Pages.

Amplify Berlin
Amplify Berlin is a residency program initiated by ACUD Macht Neu, designed to support emerging Berlin-based musicians through mentorships with more established ones in order to facilitate creative development through guidance, a focused work environment and access to