Sa 16.10.21

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT CLOSING EVENT: Participatory performance by members of Sickness Affinity Group // WeSync

ACUD CLUB 18h → Performance

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT CLOSING EVENT: Participatory performance by members of Sickness Affinity Group // WeSync
SA 16.10.2021 at 18:00H

Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin
Hybrid Event - in person and live-stream
Event Infos:
You can take part in the participatory performance in person or via zoom. For in-person, the capacity of the space is limited to 30 people. No pre-registration is needed. For the participation on zoom, please see the link and information below.


The performance can be viewed online through this link:

Meeting ID: 963 1239 2696

Passcode: 973022

We want to note that the performance was not conceptualized as an online performance. The online presentation is a means to watch the performance as a live stream. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to participate directly via zoom.

Free entry

This performance is an attempt to make the act of caring a public event which involves the audience. It is an attempt to discover a resonance in the a space where breathing can happen, and syncing and connection, is made possible.

Nirmala, Maria and Agnieszka got to know each other through organizing the first Reading Group meeting at Sickness Affinity Group (SAG) together at the end of 2020. The three got along really well and working together felt safe and filled with mutual care. They decided to become a mutual support group to hold space for each other, through pain and empathy and care and dissociation and trust and anxiety and other things, and to show the support by making art for one another. They call this way of being together “syncing together”. Since then they have been caring for one another through “WeSync”.

Sickness Affinity Group:
Sickness Affinity Group consists of chronically ill, disabled and care-giving artists / cultural workers, as well as people working on topics of accessibility and care. Sickness Affinity Group functions as a support group that challenges the competitive and ableist modes of working in the arts.

Self-Positioning of the artists:

Njeszka (Agnieszka Habraschka) she/they is a white queer and invisibly disabled artist and Polish immigrant, who came to Germany at the age of six, having experienced poverty and intergenerational trauma and working now around the themes of collective care, empathy, access and trauma.

Maria Morata (she/her) is a white south european cultural agent, working as a free curator and researcher. Recently she has started a long-life process of learning to live with chronic pain, which allows her to work again with reduced capacity.

Nirmala Salom (she/they) is a queer white latina of mixed ethnicity who lives with an invisible disability and who came back to making art after a long period of processing severe trauma, conflicts of identity, and grief.

Please follow us here for more information on accessibility and updated information for taking part in the participatory performance.

FB event:

The exhibition is funded by Bezirkskulturfonds Mitte and the Deutsch-Tschechischen Zukunftsfonds.

The event will be held according to the current restrictions. Please keep a safe physical distance, wear your mask in all indoor areas and follow the hygiene rules.

Accessibility Information:
The yard of ACUD GALERIE is wheelchair accessible. The venue has wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Nearest metro station with an elevator is U8 Rosenthaler Platz. Tram stops of M8 and M12 are near the venue. Only one of the exhibition rooms of the gallery is wheelchair accessible. The second room is connected with ten stairs. Wearing a face mask for the gallery visit is required and only a limited number of visitors are allowed at the same time. We are happy to answer more questions regarding accessibility.

Corona regulations:

Please bring a mask, a test (same day) and/or proof of vaccination or recovery (3G). Wearing a face mask in all indoor areas is required. The indoor space of ACUD Club can host 30 people at the same time, following a safe physical distance.

Access Info:

The event takes place in English. No DGS interpretation is available. The performance will use a lot of writing and live transcription of spoken elements with

An Audio Description will be provided in the space and online, which will be accessible via zoom. If you want to use Audio Description, please bring a smartphone and headphones. There will be an assistance person in the space to help you find the AD channel if you need support. If you’ll be watching the performance online, you will be able to choose Audio Description through a translation channel. The online host will give you detailed descriptions on how to access the AD.

In order to participate in the performance in real life, we will provide a touch tour of the venue 15 minutes before the start. Please come early if you want to participate in that!

If you would like to be picked-up from the nearest U-bahn station, please contact us at:

Children are welcome. No childcare available. Please consider coming low or no scent. There will be bean bags available to rest.

The nearest metro station with an elevator is U8 Rosenthaler Platz. Tram stops of M8 (Brunnenstrasse), M12 (Papellalle or Kastanienallee), M1 (Rosenthaler Platz or Kastanienallee) are near the venue. Our venue does not have its own parking space. Only street parking is available.

The yard of ACUD MACHT NEU is step-free. The venue has an accessible bathroom that is reachable by an elevator.

Access Info for the performance:

The performance takes place in the indoor place of ACUD Club, which is reachable from the yard of ACUD Kunsthaus. The step free entrance is on the left end of the yard.

Seating is provided on a low pillow bag/bean bag or foldable chairs.

If you have further access questions in regard to attending this event, please contact us at

Thanks to ACUD MACHT NEU, Kristina Leko (IfKiK, UDK Berlin), Frances Breden, and the Sickness Affinity Group.

Gefördert aus Mitteln des Bezirkskulturfonds Mitte
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Bezirksamtes Mitte von Berlin, Fachbereich Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte.

Die Veranstaltung wird gefördert durch den Deutsch-Tschechischen Zukunftsfonds.

Image description: Image of text, small parts of the text are cut off on the edges, with red and pink cloudy colour blurs. Text saying: We sync with empathy We sync with pain We sync with brain fog We sync
with shame We sync with madness We sync with numbness We sync with pressure We sync with faintness We sync with sickness We sync with sadness We sync with pleasure We sync with fear We sync with laughter We sync with anger We sync with tears We sync with silence We sync with guilt We sync with screams We sync with envy We sync with mess We sync with an anti-ableist and crip loving dream We sync with apathy We sync with dissociation We sync with self-harm We sync with fatigue We sync with imperfection We sync with intersection We sync on medication We sync with grief We sync with connection We sync with affection We sync with coalition We sync with care To sync or not to sync L´sync pour l´sync