Mi 5.8.20

odd wednesday: Seiji Morimoto

ACUD BACKYARD 18h30 → Concert

Concert series exploring odd music, not or quietly amplified on odd wednesdays with Seiji Morimoto


Seiji Morimoto - "Breathing Room" - sound installation/performance

No admission at the door. 20 tickets on pre-sale only HERE


Breathing Room (2019) for the courtyard of Acud
The speakers send different low sine-wave sounds at different speeds.
Visitors hear and feel the changing landscape of interference.

Seiji Morimoto
...is Berlin based artist. He is interested in the uncertain acoustic appearances between usual objects and the technical medium.

odd wednesday
...is a series of events, curated by mélodie melak, happening on Wednesday with an odd numbered date (E.g. Nov. 13th, 27th). In the intimate set up of ACUD's courtyard the series presents music, not or quietly amplified.


All Seasons in one Day (-72 °C – 230 °C) from SEIJI MORIMOTO on Vimeo.


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