So 12.7.20

Birdsongs of a hyperorganism – Marte Roel & Ary Ehrenberg

ACUD ACUD MACHT NEU 21h → Performance & Talk


Birdsongs of a hyperorganism
Live cinema performance & artist talks
by Marte Roel (MX/CH) & Ary Ehrenberg (MX)
Sunday, July 12th, 9pm-11pm CEST


Exactly four months after the shutdown in March due to the Corona pandemic, the two Mexican artists Marte Roel (based in Zurich, CH) and Ary Ehrenberg (based in Mexico City, MX) will present a newly developed live cinema performance, engaging and taking the audience deep into the blurry areas where nature and technology, language and nonverbal communication overlap to become indistinguishable. For as long as physically immersing oneself into environments and situations created by artists to explore embodied knowledge outside of the norm we know and deal with in our everyday lives and activities remains impossible — how can this look and feel like in a remote and virtual setting, not being together in the same room but connected through the life stream. Resonating strongly with the topics and questions that COLLECTIVE PRACTICES aims to address in its exploration #KNOWLEDGES, both artists work at the intersection of art, science and technology, and have been exploring and approaching these bodies of knowledge from the perspective of the western scientific canon, as well as through their artistic practice. Their work evolves around “a queer theory of knowing” by exploring notions and concepts like alienation, nonverbal communication and the liquid body through concepts and methods such as binaural sounds or near pace interaction, playing with perception through the reconfiguration of the codes that build our reality.

The live cinema performance Birdsongs of a hyperorganism thus is a reflection of our ontological history and possible futures. From an animist universe filled with consciousness to its stripping-off of life to exist as inanimate matter, and our current state of potential revival. Ary Ehrenberg and Marte Roel perform this multisensory live cinema work remembering us that our bodies melt with the environment, that we are together.

The performance will be followed by artists talks and a Q&A with the audience.



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