Do 30.4.20

Amplify Berlin 17: Colin Self, Mars Dietz, Xenia Taniko *Postponed*

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

The seventeenth edition of the creative development program with Colin Self, Mars Dietz and Xenia Taniko.


Colin Self
... is an artist, composer and choreographer based in New York and Berlin. He creates music and performance pieces designed to expand consciousness, trouble binaries and play with the boundaries of perception. Self works with a broad range of communities using voices, bodies, and computers as tools to interface with biological and technological software. From his early years experiencing Riot Grrrl shows around his childhood home of Oregon, to his involvement with Brooklyn’s avant-performance collective Chez Deep, Self’s work reimagines “Do-It-Yourself” as “Do-It-Together.” He recently released the album Siblings, the final installment of his career-spanning, six-part opera, Elation. The series is about queer family and global transfiguration and covers disciplines including sculpture, video, recording and performance. In his practice, Self works across media with many collaborators. He has made music for various choreographers, including a score with Miguel Gutierrez for Jen Rosenblit and Simone Aughterlony’s Everything Fits in the Room. He works closely with Holly Herndon (4AD) and since 2015 has performed as one third of the Holly Herndon trio. He has also served as the vocalist for electronic duo Amnesia Scanner (PAN) and runs XOIR – an international non-utilitarian vocal workshop focused on alternative modalities of group singing.

Mars Dietz
... is an artist, composer, and sound designer from Brooklyn living in Berlin. Their hybrid background involves site-specific installation, DJ sets, writing, music production and other media in an intensively research-driven practice bent on historical analysis.

Their 2018 sound installation Freedom From Speech focuses on the primacy of the voice and testimony in the legal construction of human rights, using the principles of DJing to create a pastiche of quotations from interviews and youtube videos on rights discourses and coerced confession, along with electronic music. In 2019, they presented the six-channel performance installation shred the means using granular synthesis, emulations of tinnitus, field recordings and the narrative of Nadezhda Kutepova, an environmental activist from a formerly secret nuclear production city in Russia. Mars performs as a DJ under the name Sapphic Faggot as a member of the Berlin party BODYSNATCH and elsewhere in Berlin and around Western Europe. Since 2019 Mars has worked as a sound artist for choreographers such as Emma Howes & Justin Kennedy, Maque Pereyra, Sandhya Daemgen, and Lyllie Rouviere.

Xenia Taniko
... is a performer, choreographer and drummer based in Berlin. Their works speculate about the limitations of human embodiment and play with the societal norms that are inscribed in the body. Taniko uses body, voice, sound, props and costume to create affective, visceral and intimate performance pieces. On stage they explore disintegration of form through physical intensity and are interested in the potential of affect and emotion as a motor for creating new forms of knowledge and embodiment. Taniko’s solo and collaborative pieces have been presented in theatres, galleries and festivals in Berlin, Europe and the USA. Their artistic practice is deeply influenced by cultures of collaboration and invests in building alternate creative communities. Mostly in dance and visual art contexts, they work with various international artists as performer and collaborator. They also host regular Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Community Classes and are an Audiodescriber for blind and visually impaired audiences.

Admission: 5€ presales (plus tax & fees), 5€ door
Admission: 5€ VVK / 5€ AK


Amplify Berlin is a creative development program at ACUD Kunsthaus. Each month, Berlin-based emerging musicians have the chance to be mentored in composition, production and live performance by established musicians.

During each one-month residency, two emerging artists receive feedback and advice from their mentor, work in a private music studio, develop their live set in the ACUD Clubs concert space, as well as present an online radio show. Each residency will culminate in a live set performed by the mentees at a showcase event on a lineup alongside their mentor.

Amplify Berlin is co-financed by the Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) and Musicboard Berlin.