Mi 11.3.20

odd wednesday: Bauer/Piersanti & Lanfredini/Maddalena/Vural


New early evening concert in the intimacy of Acud Studio with duo Davide Piersanti/Matthias Bauer (trombone, double bass) and trio Elisabetta Lanfredini/Roberta Maddalena/Uygur Vural (voice, electronics, cello)


Matthias Bauer
... is a double bass player, improviser and composer based in Berlin. He is specialised in contemporary music, performed a large repertoire of solo compositions for double bass and is working with Berlin based new music ensembles. He performed with many internationally renowned musicians of the free improviser scene and took part in various ensembles and festivals. A central concern is his own solo performance incorporating the voice. Bauer has written music for smaller and larger ensembles as well as for theatre and dance.

Davide Piersanti
... is a trombonist, composer, improviser and multinstrumentist from Rome (Italy). Transversal musician interested in playing different genres and musical approches such as free improvisation, avant-jazz, funk, electro-acoustic, score music, conduction-orchestra, as well as multidisciplinary fields such as real time music on movies, visual, whith dancers or theater.

His solo playing is a sort of “free form-impro-jazz-psyche-droning”.
He composed music for solo to orchestra. He plays, collaborates and records spanning a wide range of music, from songwriting, non-western-music, to funk, jazz and free improvisation. Over the years he has founded groups, collaborated in various projects, organized artistic events, multimedia happenings and composed music for theater, dance and movies.

odd wednesday
... is a series of events, pseudo curated by mélodie melak, happening on every Wednesday with an odd numbered date (E.g. Nov. 13th, 27th). In the intimate set up of ACUD's studio (1st floor) the series presents concerts that are not or quietly amplified. Doors open at 18:30, concerts starts at 19:00, everything is over by 21:00, entry is 5€ and goes to support the artists.