Fr 22.11.19

Tax Free Im Acud #6: Star Searchers Live, TBZ Live, Psevdonym & more

ACUD CLUB 20h → Club Night

Sixth edition of the TAX FREE residency. Very low business risk with special guests from Pacific City Sound Visions: Star Searchers with a 3-Piece Live Band presenting a brand new album entitled "Avatar Blue" + Cologne's Space Drum Wizard TBZ, with friendly permission of Brew Records + Ace Tone master Psevdonym + Hardwax' Arthur & TAX FREE RECORDS.

"A full spectrum fx-mimic-emulation of the swimming motions of earth's aquatic life"

– Pacific City Sound Visions about Star Searchers’ new album 'Avatar Blue'


Star Searchers (Live) [Pacific City Sound Visions]
TBZ (Live) [Brew Records]
Psevdonym [Ace Tone]
Arthur [Hardwax]
DJ Neumann [TAX FREE]
Funkycan [TAX FREE]
Max Graef [TAX FREE]