Sa 2.11.19

Corner Klub - Eufonia | Sound, Art & Science

ACUD CLUB 23h → Club Night

Corner Klub is back at ACUD MACHT NEU, this time as part of Eufonia Festival 2019.

Once the daytime galleries have closed, guests are welcomed into ACUD's club space for a night of sound & music exploration.

Doors open to the general public from 23h.
Cover: 6€ (Eufonia ticket holders get in free)


DJ Chinaman (Deaf Rave) - Old Skool House & Garage Set
Johnny Counce & Brukker (Ecke Records) - Hybrid Live Set
LIAR BIRD - Live Electro-Acoustic Set
Nikita (LIAR BIRD) - Intricate Club Set
Tet (tanz.t.raum music/ bloop.) - Hypnotic Broken Beat Progression
Xantrax (Ecke Records) - Cross-Genre Exploration



Now Sa 16.11 → Club Night
Heute So 17.11 → Concert & Other
Heute So 17.11 → Concert
Di 19.11 → Performance & Talk
Di 19.11 → Concert
Mi 20.11 → Concert