Do 14.11.19

KhalilH2OP & Sofie Birch & Xenia Xamanek plus more

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Experimental sound, blissful harmonies and contemporary high-def pop are being united this one evening at ACUD Macht Neu when three acts all representing the Copenhagen underground scene are featuring the evening.


Khalilh2op (Posh Isolation)
... The collaborative platform KhalilH2OP consist of members NikkiH2OP, Yen Towers and Minais B. The three-piece takes high-def pop as a jumping-off point, combining auto-tuned vocals with Spanish guitar, flute, and digital production tropes to explore ideas of romanticism through the lens of artificiality.

Sofie Birch (Infinity waves, Seil Recordings)
... Rich collages of ambient, dreams and electronic hardware. The Copenhagen-based composer Sofie Birch recalls blissful melodies and synth tones within swirling harmonies that subtly soften the ear.

Xenia Xamanek (Posh Isolation, Escho)
... Danish/Honduran composer and sound artist Xenia Xamanek has created a name for herself with her expressive style and wired the Danish underground as a true contemporary hardware explorer who pushes her sound material in unusual ways, navigating an adventurous field and creating a surreal soundscape of a high standard.

Misantrop (Foul-Up)

Entrance: 8 euro
Doors at 20:00
Show start 21:00

Presented in collaboration with Vaagner and Proton.
Never NOT in flux.



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