Sa 26.10.19

Yalla Barty - يلا بارتي


Join Berlin’s new night blossom and celebrate Yalla Barty’s kick off! We aims at bringing people together via art and music and alongside creating a safe space from racism, sexism and all kinds of LGBTIQphobias. Yalla Barty’s kick-off focuses on Palestine on board with us are: DJ Hilwi (Akka/Berlin), Bustan - بستان (Haifa/ Berlin), Moody Kablawi (Haifa/Berlin), Colonel Abu Diab (Damascus/Berlin), Balout Krew - فريق بلوط (Haifa/Freiburg).


DJ Hilwi (Akka/Berlin)
Rasha Hilwi is a Palestinian writer, journalist and editor, events manager and a DJ. She was born in the city of Akka and now based in Berlin.

With the name of DJ Hilwi, she plays music and songs from East, West and South Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe. She believes that DJing is a form of storytelling, as music and songs tell the stories of their places and people, even the non told and the oppressed stories that hide in dance or even in the music that has been produced for mere entertainment.

Bustan - بستان (Haifa/ Berlin)
... is a live act performed by the Berlin-based producer and singer Rabea Sliman aka LYTH. Playing a live electronic set followed by a fusion of oriental sounds and instruments with live vocals.To share his colorful mood and taste in music, he works on different projects, different genres, combining his Oriental-Arabic roots and music from all around the world in his productions and DJ sets.

Moody Kablawi (Haifa/Berlin)
... Coming all the way from Haifa City, music producer Moody Kablawi is diving deep into a novel fusion of Trip Hop , Disco and Jazz. In 2017, Moody performed for the first time as a one-man show showcasing 2017’s album “Shashi” (“Screen”), which is from his own production, at the inaugural Palestinian Music Expo in Ramallah and on stages in Switzerland, Berlin and London.

After releasing his 2018 music video "Ma Fi Ma'ani" amd 2019 "Mali Mal", Moody started to develop his own funky sound. He has moved to Berlin where he is currently working on a new Disco EP touching 80's sounds and techno elements performing with his vocoder diving deep into the sound of Electro with his Middle Eastern touch.

Colonel Abu Diab (Damascus/Berlin)
... is a Dj in research for new organic beats and bass, traveling between galaxies and dimensions. The mixes are soundtrack for ARAK melting Dramatic Middle eastern spices with fresh electronic beats. Emotional, aggressive, deep and direct. He lived and played in Beirut, Istanbul and is now based in Berlin.

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