Sa 12.10.19

School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe 5 Year Anniversary Party

ACUD STUDIO 8h → Club Night & Talk

School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe an independent art and technology school based at ACUD, will celebrate their 5 year anniversary on Saturday, October 12th from 7pm to 12am. The evening will begin with a talk by Quinn Tincher from world-renowned immersive arts collective MEOW WOLF, followed by music, dj’s, and more! Some exhibition pieces from the School’s alumni will also be on display. Five euro minimum donation asked at the door.


Quinn Tincher
... is one of the Founders of the Meow Wolf art collective, where he currently works as a senior artist doing as many things as possible, production design, molding, casting, sculpting, digital rendering, fantasy writing, poetry, painting and so much more! Each week he tries to learn a new skill on his show Quinn’s Quintessential Question Quest. He takes these skills to the world of themed environments, controlled experiences, immersive art and large scale fantasy fabrication through the wonderful portals that Meow Wolf has been able to open around the United States and hopefully someday, the universe. As a maker, artist, and craftsperson he has one goal: show people that they have the power to change the world around them and more importantly they have the power to change themselves. He believes that through being makers we can show others how to make a better world, together.



Now Di 15.10 → Workshop
Heute Do 17.10 → Concert
Morgen Fr 18.10 → Book Launch
Morgen Fr 18.10 → Club Night
Sa 19.10 — So 20.10 → Concert & Exhibition & Talk
Di 22.10 → Concert & Talk