Mi 9.10.19

Extravagant Shambles: Winter is Coming

ACUD CLUB 21h → Club Night & Performance

Summer has pissed off once again and we now gaze scared and unprepared into the darkness that is Berlin Winter. The nights may be growing colder but our line up of performers are just warming up!

Extravagant Shambles is proud to present a night of fantasy, myths and legends. Burlesque, drag, live music, performance art and maybe, just maybe, some wild fire!

This mystical night of frivolity will be lead by our seasoned queen, Sarah Tonin as she leads us through the weird and wonderful world of:

Lexy Nightcat
Agata Demon
Felicity Felicis
Noéline la Bouche
Darell Haynes
Cadbury Parfait
Marie Matthies
Alan Lee as the gorgeous Alexa Spread
Scarlett Ohoney


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