Do 3.10.19

Marcos Meza & Paulo Sapiain - Four Rituals Album Release

ACUD STUDIO 20h → Concert

During the past month of August, the Chilean musicians and producers Marcos Meza & Paulo Sapiain published "Four Rituals"; their new ambient and sound design album. The release event will include guest appearances from MimiCof, and Dj sets from: Future Legend (A.K.A Andrés Bucci), and Coss (Metanoia), which promises to be a unique experience for music and new art lovers. The concert will be accompanied with visuals by Christiania Krueger.


... is the other solo project of Midori Hirano, in which she explores the realm of experimental music and detailed rhythmic patterns, combined with an idea of drawing melodic shapes and harmonies. MimiCof has released two albums on PROGRESSIVE FOrM and an EP on her own, and performed at various festivals and events such as Club Transmediale, Heroines of Sound Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Boiler Room Berlin and L.E.V. Festival. She also did remixes for Christopher Willits, Kid606, Liars, Sonae and many other artists. The third MimiCof album “Moon Synch” has been released on Alien Transistor label in 2017 and is based on the recordings she has done with the Buchla analogue modular synthesizer during her residency at EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm.

Future Legend (A.K.A Andres Bucci)
Versatile producer and live artist, FUTURE LEGEND , A.K.A , Andres Bucci has been crafting his sounds since the late 90’s after moving to Berlin where the Chilean native honed his skills in the studio, preferring things all analogue and hardware based...

Coss (Metanoia)
His DJ-Sets are warm, creating an atmosphere that is both intense and flirtatious – varying from deep and hypnotic to mind opening. In 2015, he launched his own label, Metanoia, producing releases of Iorie, Arutani, Maguera & many more.


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