Do 26.9.19

The White Screen – Album Launch

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Martin Hossbach proudly presents the Berlin album launch of The White Screen’s "Sex, Drugs & Palestine"!


In 2015, the controversial cousins Gabriel and Gilbert Broid ​​formed the rock’n’roll band The White Screen in Tel Aviv, Israel, and turned the colour white into a new religion. In September they will be releasing their stunning second album, "Sex, Drugs & Palestine", singing in their own special kind of Hebrew, looking at their generation’s complex life in Israel and Palestine.

Gabriel and Gilbert, either humorously, implicitly or directly, deal with and protest against the current situation in the country that is Israel, and mystically reflect on the place of the modern human being in the enlightened age.

The album was recorded and partly written in the gymnasium of Kibbutz Menara in the Upper Galilee and shows the group at their most tune- and cheerful.

When playing live, The White Screen have now begun to mix Hebrew with both English, French and German lyrics and in-between-songs announcements. In spring 2020, they will release a multi-language EP on Martin Hossbach.