Sa 7.12.19

Shoegazer Berlin No. 2

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert & Club Night

Second Shoegazer Berlin 2019 arranged by Dreams Never End Records with Bands from Bristol, London and Nuremberg.


Secret Shine
Air Formation
Somewhere Underwater
+ special Shoegaze DJ’s
Marc Zimmermann, MC Dirlenbacker, Arnold Oosterveld


Secret Shine
... emerged from the late eighties/early nineties shoegaze scene. Releases on the cult label Sarah followed, most notably the single Loveblind and album Untouched. After a long lay off in 1996, the band reformed again in 2004

Air Formation
... inspired by Flying Saucer Attack, Spacemen 3, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, their music incorporated heavily delayed guitar and Audio Feedback, Drone Music, keyboards, and soft vocals. They have released five Album, three Extended Play, and five 7"s Singles. Air Formation released their fourth album Nothing to Wish For (Nothing to Lose), in March 2010. They parted ways in April 2011 before reforming in 2014. During Air Formation’s downtime Matt Bartram and James Harrison formed "You Walk Through Walls", and released an album and a EP via Club AC30.

In their career they have played with artists like Nosferatu, Vessels, Chapterhouse, and Efterklang. In early 2014 it was revealed that Air Formation would be returning for a special show to celebrate 10 years of Club AC30. They followed this in September 2015 with a new 4 track EP "Were We Ever Here", their first new music in 5 years. In July 2017 the band announced that their 5th studio album was finished and would be released on Club AC30 "in early 2018". They also announced a gig at The Prince Albert in Brighton in September 2017 - their first live performance in 2 years. In March 2018 Air Formation released their fifth album ‘Near Miss’ on Club AC30 Records.

Somewhere Underwater
A boy from France, his love for the ocean, floating sounds and whispering voices: "Somewhere Underwater"-the project of Julien from Limoges–now, in Munich, he’s escaping the dusty & busy streets of the urban life with Slowdive-like harmonies, wave-pop & heartbreak melodies, creating complex compositions that thoroughly harbor the best of the last 2 decades and bring back a new sound to the surface.


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