Do 5.9.19

Hanno Leichtmann: Nouvelle Aventure AV Set, Audrey Chen Live

ACUD STUDIO 20h → Concert & Screening

In the evening of 5th of September at Berlin’s ACUD Studio, Hanno Leichtmann will present a new video made with original photographic material from the archives of the Darmstadt Summer Courses for New Music. Leichtmann’s colleague and label mate Audrey Chen will open the evening with a unique cello / voice / electronics performance in her very personal, visceral language.


Hanno Leichtmann
Audrey Chen


Hanno Leichtmann went back into the 70 years collected archive to select about 2000 out of 25000 images taken between 1950s and 1990s and compiled them into an animated video out of scans and a collage of photocopies together with his colleague Toby Cornish.The new arrangement of images presented as an AV live set is to be expected as a montage / collage / animation, a mad men-esque mid century journey - taking place mainly in an old hunting chateau, a school on a hill, several sport halls and impressive concert venues.

Nouvelle Aventure was originally presented as a six-channel soundinstallation at the international "Historage" project presented at Museum Mathildenhöhe. The music is remix, collage and homage at the same time, and a highly psychedelic affair. This composition was recently released on the Karl Records imprint.

Music: Hanno Leichtmann (Karlrecords)
Video/ Animation: Hanno Leichtmann /w. Toby Cornish
Support: Audrey Chen (Karlrecords)
Design: Caro Mikalef / Hanno Leichtmann
PR: Jasmina Al-Qaisi
With the kind support of / gefördert durch die Initiative Neue Musik Berlin / field notes