Fr 30.8.19

The Prophetess Screening & Party

ACUD STUDIO 21h → Club Night & Screening

Official Berlin screening of The Prophetess Film, a docu-fiction short shot in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A story of overcoming struggle through gumption and sisterhood, Furaha and Venantie have survived traumas we could never imagine, yet in each other they find strength. This strength, so great, empowers their entire female community to set out for a different future.

Together we’re celebrating global sisterhood with a spoken words performance and a club night after the screening. All entrance will be donated to collaborators Journalists For Human Rights training Congolese journalists to report on human rights issues within and without their country.


Jumoke Adeyanju LIVE (Poetry Meets Series)
(Spoken Word / Poetry)
Jaxx b2b Juba
SENU b2b Slimgirlfat (Dj Set)



Morgen Di 15.10 → Workshop
Morgen Di 15.10 → Concert
Do 17.10 → Concert
Fr 18.10 → Book Launch
Fr 18.10 → Club Night
Sa 19.10 — So 20.10 → Concert & Exhibition & Talk