Sa 24.8.19

Stay Small Be True: Ana Helder, C.A. Ramirez, Vincent Manfuoco, ML

ACUD CLUB 22h → Club Night

Stay Small, Be True invites Cologne’s house seducer and Müstique label head C.A. Ramirez. He also brings his Argentinian girl Ana Helder, famed for her one-off-a-kind approach to dance music. Together they will spin up the dance with love and deep wobbling bass emotions. Before and around their ride, Marmo Music boss and Cashmere Radio host Vincent Manfuoco will drown the scene with psychedelics, while ML just plays, what needs to be played.


Ana Helder (Cómeme/Müstique)
C.A. Ramirez (Müstique)
Vincent Manfuoco (Marmo Music/Cashmere Radio)
ML (NTS Radio/Müstique)


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