Do 1.8.19

The Changing Room

ACUD STUDIO 18h → Club Night

The Changing Room is a temporary exhibition designed by students of KHB and UdK. When entering a changing room, the body is transformed as layers are removed and replaced. But if the physicality’s of the room are unchanged- is it still the same? Reappropriating the meaning of a changing room, this exhibition is the outcome of interdisciplinary approaches. Utilizing ephemeral media to capture experiences and embody perceptions, the artists focus on explorations of time, space, and transient media with a perceiver centric view.


DO, FR, SA 1.8-3.8 Acud Studio 15H – 21H
Group Exhibition
DO 1.8 Acud Studio 18H
SA 3.8 Acud Club 20H DONATION
Performance Night

Bruno Gola, “rmesh”
Marieke Helmke & Patrick Hetherington, “taking up ____ giving ____”
Vito Willems, “Membrane II”
Menghan Wang, “Gate”
T Blank, “Interstellar Message - three radio theremin”
Cammack Lindsey, “∫ ( { } )_ 0.lunaites”
Yigit Daldikler
Cansu Ergün & Karla Andermann, "uzay kamerası"
Yun-Chu Liang, "Retention of a river"

Performance evening:
Vito Willems
Marieke Helmke & Patrick Hetherington
Yigit Daldkler
Cammack Lindsey
Kirstine Elisa Kjeldsen
Nico Daleman
David Goldberg
Sebastian de la Luz

with DJs:
Intergalactic Secret Agent
Menghan Wang
Straga X i.ruuu


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