So 18.8.19

Amplify Berlin 10: Farao / Alex St Joan / Karma She

ACUD CLUB 20h → Concert

Acud Macht Neu presents: in the absence of original mentor Planningtorock, the tenth edition of the creative development program features a DJ set from mentor Farao (who has worked with the month’s mentees along with Max Boss of Easter) and live sets from mentees Alex St Joan and Karma She.


Farao (DJ)
Hailing from Ulnes, a village of 500 people in the Nordic mountain valley of Valdres, Farao makes enchanting and adventurous pop music, tinged with celestial electronics and earthen orchestration. The now London/Berlin-based songs bear a vibrant surface beauty while taunting the depths within, reflecting the dramatic yet serene environments of her remote origin. Jahnsen writes with a nordic forwardness, creating songs of personal retribution with cathartic poise. Her wintry voice cuts through intricate compositions, navigating glacial rhythms and exquisite melodies with strength and vulnerability. Composed entirely by the multi-instrumentalist Jahnsen with unimpeded imagination, Farao’s music ravels and unravels deftly between tension and ease. An array of tools – guitars, synths, organs, glockenspiel, sitar – dance at Jahnsen’s fingertips, interwoven with Farao’s many voices in wall-of-sound unison.

Karma She (LIVE)
Berlin-based (and Jerusalem-born) multi-disciplinary artist Carmel Michaeli has constructed the vessel of KARMA SHE to transcend the stage and create extra-sensorial musical performances. KARMA SHE’s bass-heavy electronic musical production is complemented by a ghetto twist of unapologetic explicit vocals. Together with her creature crew, KARMA SHE creates a highly visual live performance that combines choreography and ecstatic ritual elements that lure you into her universe — a universe inspired by Michaeli’s Jewish heritage and various subcultures. She is the writer, composer, producer and vocalist of KARMA SHE’s music and directs all her performances and music videos with a punk DIY attitude, collaborating with other artists in her community. The project is an ongoing deconstruction of pop conventions; the result is both mystifying and seductive.

Alex St Joan (LIVE)
Alex St Joan is the multi-faceted creation of musician, producer, writer and artist Alexia Peniguel. Born next to a flooded valley in drought-prone Australia and raised on Greek myths and disco, she has been based in Berlin since 2004. Her debut EP "Kick & Rise" was released 3 May 2019 on Zellephan Records, along with an accompanying book of short stories and artwork.


Amplify Berlin
... is a creative development program at ACUD Kunsthaus. Each month, Berlin-based emerging musicians have the chance to be mentored in composition, production and live performance by established musicians.

During each one-month residency, two emerging artists receive feedback and advice from their mentor, work in a private music studio, develop their live set in the ACUD Clubs concert space, as well as present an online radio show. Each residency will culminate in a live set performed by the mentees at a showcase event on a lineup alongside their mentor.

Amplify Berlin is co-financed by the Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) and Musicboard Berlin.

Admission: 5€ presales (plus tax & fees), 5€ door
Admission: 5€ VVK / 5€ AK