Sa 13.7.19

Mille Paillettes

ACUD CLUB 21h → Club Night

Join us for our Discodiversity Line-Up, a Petit-Frenchy-Vinyl-Flohmarkt, a French-German-Speed-Tandem and a cookbook launch with delicious West-African food.

Three party curators, "somehow rooted in their own way French", will re-invent French music CLICHÉS at their joint party MILLE PAILLETTES ! In particular: WILD and DIVERS.
If that sounds too abstract, you can CONCRETELY jiggle on West African ’70s FUNK with a manioc chip on your lips, float to southern French ColdWAVE with a Lillet Hugo cocktail in your hand, or, clutching a bottle of water, while being kneaded by lusty HOUSE Beats.
C'est Discodiversity! C'est GROS.



Warm-up sounds from DJs
Summer cocktails
Speed Tandem (French/German/English, each round 5 min)
FOUTAH DJALLON’s cookbook launch:
The absolute in daily life finds its relativity in the enjoyment of musical and culinary art. We provide with our deep-fried manioc balls and baked plantains - served with coconut peanut and chili honey dip - for the necessary portion of empowerment for wild dancing styles.

23H - 6H – ACUD CLUB:

Luc Le Truc
DJ Mixanthrope


Luc Le Truc
For 15 years, Luc Le Truc and his frenchy party series from Hamburg, Je Danse Donc Je Suis have only mind: to unite the most different worlds and minds, touch them and, most of all, to make them D.A.N.C.E.

DJ Mixanthrope
loves people and has been proving it since 2015 by organizing his "African Beats & Pieces" parties and shaking dancefloors from Canada to Ghana with african voices, electronic beats and tropical grooves.

is a french trio, who has made quite a name of itself, throwing free parties with their own sound system throughout the entire year. Playing b2b a broad selection of disco and house, they bring a solid smile on everyone’s face in no time.

Admission: 6€ before 00H 8€ after


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