DI 23.7.19

Music Pool Berlin: Running Your Own Label

Club 19h30 Club Night & Concert & Talk

This summer edition of the Music Pool evening series brings together a panel of artist-run and boutique record labels for an exchange and sharing of experiences. What are approaches for releasing music on a smaller scale, and with an artistic concept at the core? What are experiences of releasing music as artists?What should you think about when starting your own label? We will talk about the labels' different curatorial approaches, aesthetic deliberations, organizational strategies, as well as look into the business side of things.

The evening is meant to be of interest both as exchange for people already running their own labels, as well as inspiration and information for those considering to start their own label and releasing their own or other's music.

Participants in the conversation:

Monique Recknagel – Sonic Pieces
Amparo Battaglia / Catnapp – NAPP Records
Irakli Kiziria – I/Y, Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound

Free Admission


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